Jingbo Wang,Quantum computation and informaion

post on Wednesday 2 December 2015, by cdp


  • 1. Historical development of computational tools; power of quantum superposition and quantum parallelism.

  • 2. Quantum bits and state vectors, unitary operators, universal quantum gates, quantum circuits.

  • 3. Quantum Fourier transform and its properties; Shor’s algorithm for integer factorization.

  • 4. Grover’s quantum search algorithm; phase estimation, amplitude amplification and estimation.

  • 5. Quantum teleportation, quantum cryptograph, quantum bit commitment.

  • 6. Experimental implementation of quantum gates and circuits.

  • 7. Decoherence, quantum error correction, quantum fault-tolerant computation.

  • 8. Quantum walks and related quantum algorithms; latest development and challenges.