Nicolas Gisin, Quantum communication and quantum repeaters and large entanglement

post on Thursday 29 June 2017, by lijun

University of Geneva

地点:知行楼 二楼报告厅

时间:2017-06-29 10:00

Abstract:Quantum communication is the art of transferring a quantum state from one location to a distant one. Commercial applications cover Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG) and Quantum Key Distributions (QKD). Academic research focuses mostly on two topics. First, quantum repeaters that should allow one to break the 500 Km distance limit of direct QKD; the grand challenge is second-long quantum storage with 90% efficiency. A second topic is Device Independent Quantum Information Processing, another intellectually fascinating prospect. In this presentation I will focus on QRNG, QKD, quantum repeaters and a related though different question: what is “large entanglement”.

Profile:Nicolas Gisin is a Swiss physicist and professor at the University of Geneva working on quantum information and communication, as well as on the foundations of quantum mechanics. His work includes both experimental and theoretical physics. He has done significant work on the fields of experimental quantum cryptography and long distance quantum communication in standard telecom optical fibres. As a theoretician, Gisin brought deep insights into quantum mechanics. He is also the first to develop quantum information technology to such a level that it was for the first time possible to take it out of the lab and into the commercial world: he co-founded IDQuantique, a spin-off company which quickly developed into one of the world leaders in the field of quantum information and communication technologies.